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Let us do right, together
29 March 2019 is the deadline to pay all tax due. Doing things the right way means doing it accurately and on time. Talk to us before it’s too late to avoid penalties and interest,read more
Provisional Tax deadline
The deadline for IRP6 submission and payment was 28 February 2019. If you have not submitted and paid yet, please do so without delay,read more
Excise rewrite document
Following the recent announcement in Budget 2019, SARS has compiled an excise rewrite discussion document to further the process of redrafting the excise legislative framework, read more
Corporate Income Tax
Companies that were due to submit their Company Income Tax Return (ITR14) by 28 February 2019 are urged to do so without delay, read more
Single registration
Allows taxpayers to register, maintain and view associated tax and customs registrations in a consolidated tax profile, read more
Issues with PDF's?
See our browser compatibility guidelines when you experience any issues with opening PDF's in eFiling, read more
Personal Income Tax Insolvency
From 25 January 2019, individual taxpayers that are voluntarily or mandatorily sequestrated must submit income tax returns, read more
Tax Statistics was published
National Treasury and SARS have published the 11th annual edition. The 2018 edition provides an overview of tax revenue collections and tax return information, read more
Beware of scams
Beware of fake SARS jobs on Facebook and refund emails claiming to be from SARS. Also, only use registered Tax Practitioners, ask for the registration number and verify online, read more
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Important Dates

25-03-2019 - VAT manual submissions and payments

28-03-2019 - Excise Duty payments

29-03-2019 - VAT electronic submissions and payments

29-03-2019 - End of the 2017/18 Financial year

29-03-2019 - CIT Provisional Tax Payments

01-04-2019 - Start of 2018/2019 Financial Year

05-04-2019 - PAYE submissions and payments

25-04-2019 - VAT manual submissions and payments

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Report Tax Crime

?Scam Alert
You can report a tax or customs crime anonymously through our online form.
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